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Daria's Day Spa

The perfect place to Relax, Renew, Rejuvenate

Waxing Service

We use only the best Wax on the market! Lycon Hard Lavender wax is made in Australia and designed to be used on sensitive areas like face, under arms and bikini. Will never burn or remove the skin. You will never bleed or get bruises. Great for even the most sensitive skin, good enough to remove the most stubborn hair.

Face and body wax price :

Basic Bikini $35.00

Brazilian bikini $50 and up.

Half Legs wax $35.00

Full Legs wax $ 55.00

Half Arms wax $ 25.00

Full Arm wax $40.00

Under Arm $20.00

Back Wax $45.00 and up.

Chest Wax $40.00 and up.

Eye Brow Tinting $18.00

Eye Lash Tinting $18.00

Eyebrow wax $18.00

Lip wax $12.00

Side of Face $18.00

Chin wax $18.00